Royal Blunts XXL Cigar Wrap

The Premise

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to hang out with my team and break bread in real life. Opportunities like this are rare because our lifestyles are continuously on the go. Family, work and everything in between leaves little to no time to hang out but alas we found the time to just chill.

Rallying in the break room, Mike unloaded his stash and proceeded to let the grinder know that it was about to put in work. Leaving little room for error, I eyeballed that first grind at about 1 to 1.5 grams worth of flower.

Mike wanted to know who would roll it up and that’s when Darrell’s mischievous look veered into my direction basically volunteering me to do it.

A simple nod later, I asked, “What am I rolling with?”.

And then, this happened.

Royal Blunts XXL Cigar Wrap Pouch
Royal Blunts XXL Cigar Wrap Pouch – Black Mamba

The Product

Royal Blunts XXL Cigar Wrap comes prepackaged with 2 cigar wraps which are each carefully packaged inside of a plastic tube (don’t try to smoke it 😉).

On the packaging it says XXL and they definitely weren’t kidding. Recall, how Mike worked roughly 1.5 grams at the start? That pretty much filled only half of this wrap. We had to grind another 1.5 grams just to give this thing some respect.

To be clear, this very much is a cigar wrap. Hence, nicotine is part of the equation and the Surgeon General Warning is evident on the back side of the package.

The flavor profile is called Black Mamba and the closest comparison I can find to this is perhaps…blueberry 🤔.


The Review

The grinds were smooth and it was packed tight, ready to go. The first half of the blunt was wired with a sativa strain while the back half was an indica. Great idea, right 😏?


The wrap gave a fairly modest yet even burn. You weren’t really zipping through the flower fast, which is definitely what you’d want in dealing with a cigar wrap. The burn was hot and it never lost its steam. The Black Mamba flavoring was an easy compliment and made the smoke profile fragrant but not overwhelming.

Divided amongst three people at a rate of puff puff pass, this burn lasted for about three rotations before calling it quits. We were already lifted from a half hour earlier.

When the smoke cleared, I asked the team what they thought of the product:

Mike 👍, Mark 👍, Darrell 👍

We scooped this up as a freebee from one of our local dispensaries but if you ever find it online or at your local retailer, be sure to give it another look.










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