LITT – Stash Box Ultimate Rolling Stash Smoking Accessory, Tobacco and Herbal Storage Box (Black)

The Premise

Oh you’re still here?! Ok, let’s begin.

My stash box was on its last leg. Let me rephrase. A lunch box left over from my bachelor party a few years back was on its last leg. It was simply past due and I had yet to move on and that’s absolutely my bad. Zippers were falling off, holes were getting bigger (TWSS 😏) and overall I just kept throwing stuff in there with no logic whatsoever. That needed to change.

That being said, I came across the LITT – Stash Box and thought it’d be worth a review.

The Product

LITT – Stash Box Ultimate Rolling Stash Smoking Accessory, Tobacco and Herbal Storage Box (Black) runs 7.5 inches x 7 inches x 2.75 inches for $23.75 and is available on Amazon.

The Review

At first pass, the outer packaging was nice although a bit brittle. It’s obvious this company is looking to impress and I’m glad that they’re being aware of making a good first impression.

Once you go through the outer box, you’ll find yourself unraveling the product with a layer of bubble wrap, a craft gift wrap and then finally the box itself.


  • The black coating is clean.
  • It’s modest size carries quite well. I have 4 wraps, some papers, a stash of pipe cleaners, 4 grams of flower, a lighter, a roller and a grinder ready to grab at any given time.
  • It came with a thank you note!


  • It’s a pretty strong smell for the first few days. It’s like they just got it out of wood shop and infinitely coated the box in lacquer. I was pretty concerned it’d augment the scent of any flower or peripherals I had put in the box.
  • Again, as if it came out of wood shop. It was a bit dusty so keep the dust rag at the ready.
  • This did not happen to me, but had the shipper been a bit careless I could see the corners getting cracked. I mean let it be known, it’s simply a wooden box. Think IKEA quality.

That said, for less than thirty bucks you can’t go wrong. Stop hiding your stash in a ghetto container or a shoe box and kickstart your recreational (or medicinal) Cannabis usage with some class.

If you can buy a gram or an eighth, then you can for sure get yourself a stash box.

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