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My name is Mark. By day, I’m a software developer but my full-time job is my family. Like you, I feel that life is moving too fast. I have thoughts swirling at a mile a minute. Bills are due, chores are endless and if you’re like me you are a high-level desktop athlete. 

But once my day is done and the lights dim, I downshift. I smoke one bowl just to ease my way out of it all. The stress. The expectations. The anxiety. It all fades away for a short time and I’m okay with that. That’s my preferred choice over a cigar or red wine.

Honestly, I use Cannabis 3-4 times per week. And I thought it’d be worth the investment to take a more responsible look at the relationship I have with this plant, converse with others who are like-minded or opposed and hopefully bring in a fresh and needed perspective for our generation and the next which inherits this impending change.

I (along with a couple of friends) developed Puff Provisions as a way to express our interest within this highly controversial space. If you’re tuning in to this channel by way of Instagram, a Google search or word of mouth it’s already obvious that we’re for Cannabis as a movement, an economic market and a culture shift.

Like others, we’re in the thick of it, figuring it out as laws change and markets adapt in response to the goal of making Cannabis 100% legal and removed from Schedule I substances like heroin and cocaine.

We’re a home grown organization playing small ball against bigger fish but we’re enjoying this challenge and are willing to go head first in contributing to this space. Our opinions, our thoughts and our voices, just for you. 

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