The Puff Provisions Grow

The Premise

If you had a chance to listen in, then you realize that episode 4 onward highlights the start of a challenge amongst the Puff Provisions Team to grow a Cannabis plant from infancy to final spark. Today, I’m here to outline a basic checklist you need to address should you decide to start growing yourself.

Please note, this is not a crash course in horticulture.

TLDR? See The Grow Checklist.

The Challenge

Oh yeah, speaking of growing…I challenged these guys earlier to a Cannabis growing contest. A CHALLENGE IF YOU WILL! So what we’re gonna do is that we’re all do our own research and try and grow some weed. –@puffprovisionsmike

This is gonna be bad. –@puffprovisionsdarrell

Oh yes. –@puffprovisionsmark



The Grow Checklist

âś…Seeds. Where are you going to get them?

âś…Location. Where do you intend to grow (indoor/outdoor)?

âś…Tools. What do you need day to day to make this a success (e.g. soil, shovel, nutrients, etc.)?

âś…Laws. Are you aware of what you’re allowed to grow and how many grams you can carry?

âś…Patience. This is not a set it and forget it operation. Will you allocate time daily to keep an eye on things to ensure your plants shine?

If you can answer the above checklist you’re in a good position to start your grow.

Here at Puff Provisions, we’ll be chronicling our way through the experience and shedding insight along the way, so please stay tuned for more updates by following us on Instagram or alternatively through our tags at #puffprovisionsgrow.



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