Original K’s CBD Sleep Drink

The Premise

Last week was a normal work week filled with positives and the usual stresses of life. Since nothing monumental was happening I took it upon myself to create an ad hoc science experiment with a CBD infused sleep aid.

For the most part, my sleep routine is fairly straightforward from 10-6am. I do my best to keep that consistent and for sake of this experiment, I did my best to ensure just that. I also wanted to ensure that I do this during a standard weekday versus weekend to keep parity on my stress levels.

Here’s what happened.

The Product

Original K’s CBD Sleep is one bottle labeled at 2 servings. It’s packed as 3 ounces (88mL), 2.5 calories0 grams of total carbs and 0 grams of sugar.

CBD Sleep’s bullet points:

  • Mango/Pineapple Flavor
  • Powerful Herbal Sleep Formula plus CBD
  • Safe and Effective
  • Hemp Derived Organic CBD Isolate
  • For Home or Travel
  • No Groggy Morning
  • Falling and Staying Asleep
  • Waking Refreshed

I was directed to drink half of the bottle 20 minutes before bed. Let’s see the results.

The Science Experiment

Rather than saying, I felt this or I felt that, I wanted to back my implementation with a third party opinion. In this case, The Beauty Rest Sleeptracker which is a very small sensor that fits snug underneath your mattress and provides automatic sleep monitoring throughout the night. It gives you insight and analysis on the quality of your sleep, so I thought I’d give it a try.

Tuesday, May 7th (No CBD Sleep)
Thursday, May 9th (With CBD Sleep)

The Review

A lot of interesting data to review. But on a high level the data points worth noting here is the Sleep Score uptick of 1, a 4% increase in sleep goal percentage and my heart rate and breath rate increases.

I woke up once each night. I guess for a single experiment that negates the bottle’s claim of staying asleep.

However, I must reflect. May 7th, I ran a 3 miles and on May 9th I ran 5 miles. I’m curious if the exercise rate was a factor on such data points. 🤔

My screenshot is slightly misleading for the 7th. It says I fell asleep at 11pm. This is true. But to be clear, I was not waiting one hour to sleep. I was in bed during the latter part of the 10pm hour. Although deep sleep and REM sleep were down, light sleep was up on the 9th!

I am not a sleep specialist so validating the value of each sleep stage is out of my wealth of knowledge but tying it back into this sleep supplement I have some positives to showcase.

First of all the flavor is pretty good. Kudos to that. Is it safe? Well, I did wake up so there you have it. Is it effective? I’d say, yes. Although I woke up once in the middle of the night my sleep felt a bit more complete if that makes sense. Grogginess? No. It wasn’t hard to get up at all and I felt as if I eased into wake once I finally scratched my eyes open. That being said, I followed the instructions down to the tee. If you pound the whole bottle and miss your alarm then that’s on you.

Is this for home or travel? Absolutely. It’s packaging compares to the likes of 5-Hour Energy so it’s fairly small.

I find the relationship between CBD and melatonin to compliment a whole lot better than the other Original K product I tested. This formula seems to make more sense for the overarching goal.

The only negative is that this product didn’t label its milligram count for CBD like it did with its other product. I am sincerely curious how much CBD is integrated into this formula.

Forget sleeping pills. That’s a rabbit hole full of empty promises and in my opinion is way more traumatic for your overall health versus a melatonin based solution. I’d give this a try if you’re looking to ease into your sleep with a Cannabis based solution.

Check them out at originalks.com.

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