Original K’s CBD Fit Fitness Drink

The Premise

Last Saturday, I found myself with a rare opportunity to train during a Jiu-Jitsu open mat. My goal was to roll 6 times with 6 different people. At 5 minutes a piece, that’s 30 minutes of grappling which can be pretty taxing to the body. Knowing this would be the case, I decided to to try out an energy drink wired with CBD.

To be clear, I love caffeine. I wouldn’t say I’m a coffee connoisseur nor an energy drink enthusiast but I’ve tried most energy supplements out there (i.e. bulletproof coffee, Rockstar, Red Bull, 5-hour Energy, etc.), so my tolerance is decent.

So now that you’ve got more context, let’s take a look. 👀

The Product

Original K CBD FIT comes in a single serving at 3 ounces (89mL) at 25 calories with 6 grams of total carbs and 6 grams of sugar.

Stamped as a Delicious Wild Grape Flavor with 15mg of cannabidoil and 200mg of caffeine (i.e. a cup of coffee is roughly 95 mg, a can of Red Bull is roughly 111 mg) this product looks to compete with other energy drink solutions.

CBD FIT claims to help with Energy, Stamina, Mental Focus, Muscle Recovery, Appetite Control and user should not exceed one bottle every six hours.

The Review

Easy to open and taller than a 5-hour Energy, this energy supplement could come off at first pass as a slightly diluted Dimetapp. It was easy to chug and honestly there was zero after taste, so kudos to that.

Did it work? 🧐


A little too well.

My plan was to employ this supplement somewhere in between and not front-load it at the beginning of my training. I went out there starting at noon on an empty stomach and just went for it. I made it to 6 rolls (always a a break in between) and that was a first for me. I usually don’t do more than three.

On paper I met my goal. But that wasn’t enough. I wanted more. Water wasn’t cutting it anymore and that’s when the light bulb in my head went off to re-up.

I can speak to its energy and stamina claims only. I was hungry and got hungrier as the day progressed but I mostly attribute to what I was doing. My appetite was never controlled. However, the boost I felt from taking CBD Fit worked fairly quickly.

Training lasted from 12-4pm. I hit a total of three additional roles for a total of 9. Could I have gone for more? Sure, but I was spent and I knew this formula wouldn’t make me Superman.

The Turning Point

What wasn’t so fun was after the fact and frankly I think it impacted my sleep quality. To be clear, I did go to sleep. But staying asleep was the struggle to overcome and I woke far earlier than my normal wake time. In hindsight, I probably wouldn’t have taken this supplement after 2pm. It didn’t allow my body enough time to pass the caffeine through. Also, that workout was on the more extreme end versus my normal hour so physically my body was still screaming to GO-GO-GO!

I can’t quite understand the relationship in mixing caffeine and CBD. It’s a bit too gimmicky. To me, they are on opposite ends of the spectrum for daily use. Caffeine stimulates your nervous system but CBD is intended for its calming efficacies like pain management and anxiety. I wouldn’t recommend these competing ingredients biding for your body’s time.

In my view, this bottle is simply smashed with caffeine and plopped with a fitness sticker to boot.

If you’re into a more natural boost, a cup of black coffee would be a lot safer. If you want to push the envelope, you’ve obviously got other options like creatine and energy drinks galore!

I will be tuning in to their other product offerings but for this one, I can confidently say that this isn’t for me.

That said, if you ever wanted to give them a try, visit them at originalks.com.

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