Continuing Education through Cannabis

It’s safe to say that Cannabis as an industry is very much evolving state to state and thankfully it’s headed in the right direction. Federal legalization is a different story altogether but that hasn’t stopped several institutions from creating the next generation of pioneers.

Here is a curated list of institutions and groups providing higher education throughout the US.

Colorado State University, Pueblo

The Bachelor of Science in Cannabis Biology and Chemistry (CBC) provides students an understanding of basic chemical and biological principles that can be applied to the emerging field of cannabis science. 

The Universities at Shady Grove

The two-year Master of Science (M.S.) in Medical Cannabis Science and Therapeutics program is the nation’s first graduate program dedicated to the study of medical cannabis. The program blends online instruction with face-to-face experiences to provide students with the knowledge they need to support patients and the medical cannabis industry, add to existing research, and develop well-informed medical cannabis policy. It is ideal for students who have completed a bachelor’s degree and currently work or are interested in working in the medical cannabis industry.

Oaksterdam University

When you complete one of our rigorous certification programs, you demonstrate your mastery of a wide range of academic and practical knowledge that is critical to success in the commercial cannabis industry as well as a commitment to continued learning. List your certification on your resume and on professional networking sites, and let potential employers know that our staff is available to verify your credentials.

City College of San Francisco

City College of San Francisco (CCSF) is pleased to offer our students the first ever Cannabis Studies Associate of Arts Degree in the nation! For nearly 85 years, City College has earned a reputation for being on the forefront of innovation and academic rigor. The degree is fully available through CCSF’s online college, CityOnline, and is an introduction to the complex biopsychosocial relationship of humans to cannabis in multiple cultural, institutional, and interpersonal contexts. The program of study challenges students to develop critical thinking skills and to incorporate theory and research in the development of evidence-based points of view on equity, social context, and cannabis, its use, and users.

Green Carpet Growing

Since 2017, Green Carpet Growing’s mission has been to teach, coach and train people how to grow cannabis at home through personal instruction. Face to face interaction is the ultimate way to learn to grow cannabis, and we know for sure that beginners can grow successfully from the start with it. Through personal instruction, we empower people to grow cannabis simply, sensibly and successfully. 

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