Indoor Grow Shopping List


After two rounds of our own recreational indoor grow here in Southern California, I think it’s safe for us to provide you with a basic list of tools to begin your very own grow. Yes, this is highly opinionated list but it’s our hope you consider these suggestions as part of your own Cannabis grow.

Our previous checklist was more of a philosophical gut check, if you will. However, in this round, this list is more so a recommendation of the tools you’ll need to get your lab up and running. Do note, we offer this list in grow phases but if you feel that you’ve got budget and space for everything from the start, go for it.

Good luck, enjoy and feel free to drop in your opinion in the comments section below!

Shopping List

Germination Stage

Your basic list starts here. Tent, lighting, thermometer, soil, etc.

Seedling Stage

This part is negotiable and also optional. If you want to automate you watering tasks, consider these tools. Again, you could bring these items in at the start of your project, but if you feel that you’ve been hit with too much upfront cost, then consider these tools from this stage, onward.

Vegetative Stage

Hopefully, you’re at a point where your plants are ridiculously out of control. That said, it’s time to do some maintenance work and address any trivial pest problems.

Flowering Stage

It’s almost time to enjoy the fruits of your labor. But before you do, ensure you’ve got these items in your back pocket for drying.

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