good flower Sativa

The Premise

A quick trip to Mankind Dispensary in San Diego, California offered an abundance of goods but this one in particular called good flower caught my attention. Let’s take a look what this product brings to the table!

The Product

An eighth (3.5 grams) of Sativa purchased for $35 (excluding tax) from Mankind Dispensary in San Diego, California.

The Review

For the most part, I could not ignore the MSRP of $35 for an eighth. Irrespective of its decent price point, what I found spectacular about this product was its packaging and clear capture to me as a consumer. I’m fond of brands lately that don’t resort to default branding techniques like the Cannabis leaf and complimentary green color palettes.

Cut through the box and you’ll find yourself with a container that I’d recommend saving for the long term for that additional flower you’ll for sure be getting. The flower itself was spot on. Fresh enough and the flower maintained that sticky icky. It didn’t hurt to have a 2 way humidity regulator in there as well. Since I’m for the most part a night time puffer, I’m not churning through product at an accelerated rate and storage is a key feature I look for first. This type of packaging allows for that.

Find them on their site, goodbrandsco. Cheers!

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