84 More Grams

TLDR – The second series of indoor growing proved to be much better than the first. Here’s a debrief of what I did to net 84 more grams of Cannabis. If you’d like to start your own grow, check out our shopping list for the tools you’ll need to start an indoor grow.

Series ISeries II
Total Seeds102
Total Pots2 (5 seeds/pot)2 (1 seed/pot)
Duration08/31/2019 – 01/05/202003/08/2020 – 07/04/2020
Yield47 grams131 grams
Statistics from each indoor grow.

What I fixed this round?

GERMINATION STAGE: One seed, one pot. This philosophy was used to ensure a proper foundation from the start. With less seeds competing for fixed resources (namely soil and space), it helped to ensure proper rooting for each plant to be successful inside of a 2 gallon pot.

VEGETATION STAGE: Towards the tail end of the grow, I decided to automate. In this case, I wanted a set it and forget it approach to watering as this task proved to be taxing. I did that with the pursuit of this irrigation kit which thankfully was very intuitive and easy to use. It took approximately 15 minutes to set up.

HARVESTING STAGE: In light of how dry things got in the first series, I decided to trim the window from two weeks of curation to one week.

What could be improved on the next?

I slacked off just a bit towards the end and that behavior needs to be corrected. In hindsight, I got spoiled from automation and it translated into laziness especially when trimming fan leaves off. One could easily speculate that more fan leaves equates to more grams, and although true, these crops truly did bear fruit.

Addressing pests was a problem for both rounds. Namely, gnats which would just surface out of nowhere, especially during vegetation stage. I don’t have a rock solid response for that issue as of yet.


Things very much turned for the better on Series II and I will carry these fixes into Series III (launch date is TBD). Consistency is key and I speculate that on the next round I will actually scale down quite a bit and care simply for just one plant. I’d like to see how that approach yields and how the ecosystem around it responds as I automate more of the irrigation in earlier stages and afford a single plant twice the indoor space.

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